10 questions to Andrea Vetrano, influencer between travel and luxury

Andrea Vetrano is the young influencer. From some years has been dedicating himself to the luxury tourism sector. He told us what he does and how his profession is declined

Andrea Vetrano
Andrea Vetrano

Over 200 thousand followers on Instagram and photos to envy everyone among earthly paradises, luxury hotels and resorts among the best and most beautiful in the world. He is Andrea Vetrano, the young but very famous influencer who for some years now has been dedicating himself to the luxury tourism sector.

Andrea, today you are a successfull influencer in the luxury sector. How did it all start? Tell us a little about your story

Everything you see today is the result of a long work started several years ago. Exploring unknown places, seeking new experiences and finding inspiration in different cultures and traditions have always been my passion. I published the photos and videos of my travels on Instagram in 2014, but I started to study and became more and more passionate about this social in 2017. Previously i published all the photos and videos of my travels on Facebook with a quite success. However in 2017 I saw many profiles that inspired me and pushed me to create a more professional profile. Many important pages shared my shots and I achieved a lot of success. In 2018 I was contacted for the first time on Instagram by the marketing manager of an hotel who invited me to his hotel. Then, my career started.

What motivated you to take this path? When did you understand that being an influencer could have become a job?

I created my account without any thought that one day something like that would be possible, it was just something fun and exciting to do at the same time. I’m just a man who likes sharing his travels and experiences with the World. I hope that I can make someone smile and get them motivated to start their own adventure. I didn’t choose this job but when a lot of hotels started to invite me and people asked me where to go on holidays, i understood that this could be a job.

And how did you get started? How did you make yourself known to make your voice authoritative?

I’ve always tried to find my own original voice. There are many people with travel accounts, i’ve tried to find a new angle or point of view to make me stand out from the crowd. Thanks to my quality photos and videos, they were reposted several times and brought a lot of visibility at the hotel. I have had the pleasure of representing and partnering up with some of the world’s most renowned and prestigious brands such as Four Seasons, The Leading Hotels of the World, Small Luxury Hotels, and many others.

Andrea Vetrano
Andrea Vetrano

Let people know more about your job? How do you choose your destinations?

I create high quality contents for brands. About destinations, it depends. I usually choose destinations like Mykonos, Positano and Maldives, because they are amazing. I also know that all the contents that i create in these locations are easier to become viral and will receive more views. But i also choose destinations based on the attractions and also among the hotels that contact me.

Which luxury destinations do you prefer?

My favorite place is the beach, so i choose hotels nearby beaches.

Luxury travel is not for everyone. In addition to appearances, waste and ostentation (among the most recurring accusations in the sector) what is there to tell and beautiful?

A study from global hotel consultancy HVS London found that the upcoming generation of travelers believe luxury means having unique, enriching life experiences. The most important thing for me is to create an impact on guest’s memories. When you do this consistently, with all types of requests, you truly set your hotel apart in terms of the luxury experience delivered. I want also to say that luxury and sustainability coexist in many beautiful hotels and you can enjoy a unique eco-friendly holiday.

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Andrea Vetrano
Andrea Vetrano

What is your personal vision of luxury between location and landscape of great value?

An investment in landscaping can significantly increase property value, but only if it is properly maintained. Proper maintenance ensures the property’s grounds continue to enhance the guest experience.

The coronavirus emergency is changing our lives and also the world of work. How do you think the luxury sector could start again?

Unfortunately travel was among the first to be affected and has been dealt a particularly brutal blow. Industry experts say technology will be a key tool in the revival of travel, with electronic passports and IDs, boarding passes, medical screening, and robot cleaners being deployed widely to limit physical contact between people and surfaces. Hotels will have to determine how to give travelers personal spaces they feel they can control. And in the short term, driveable local trips can ease shell-shocked travelers back into adventure.

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And for your world of travel influencers, what will become of it? Have you already thought about how to regroup and start again?

Instagram feeds that have lately been filled with nostalgic throwbacks to global adventures will slowly start to be peppered with new images from regional trips. I think international travel is going to open very slowly.

Andrea Vetrano
Andrea Vetrano

What about future projects? Where will you go as soon as you can go back to travel?

First of all i will visit deeply my Sicily.It is amazing, charming, and full of different impressions. Everyone can find what he likes: amazing sea, nice beaches, marvelous views, delicious food, old cities, friendly people. About the future, it is top secret, follow me!